As a tribute to Tony Levin, and his substantial contribution to British jazz, Alan Musson dedicated an entire episode of his show, Jazz Kaleidoscope, to Tony’s music. The programme, broadcast June 20th on 102.5 The 'Bridge (available on 102.5fm) included contributions from some of Tony Levin’s friends and musical associates including Simon Spillett, Paul Dunmall and Tony Dudley-Evans, as well as contributions from Tim Wall, Professor of Popular Music at BCU who collaborated with Tony to develop Alan Musson has kindly allowed us to feature a full version of the programme that was originally broadcast. In order to cover the whole of Tony’s career in the programme many of the recordings were featured in edited form. Here you will be able to hear the tracks in their entirety, in an eight-part extended version of the programme. Jazz Kaleidoscope can be heard every week on 102.5 The 'Bridge (available on 102.5fm in Stourbridge and the surrounding area), and streamed at every Monday from 9pm UK time. Part 1: Music- Second City Steamer. Alan intro Tony Levin on early years, education, Alan intro about Tony's paper round & purchasing drums Tony on first set of drums   Part 2: Music- Mexican Green Alan & Tim discuss Mexican green & about Tony teaching, playing with students Music- Inner Urge Alan- back announcing   Part 3: Alan- Welcome back, intro into section with Simon Spillett Simon Spillett section inc: Getting into Tony, members only, second city steamer Music- Second city steamer (extended version) Simon Spillett- Meeting Tubby Hayes, talk on rhythm sections Simon Spillett- getting to know Tony, jazz writing (Dancing slipper) Music- Walking Alan- re-announcing programme details   Part 4: Alan- intro into Simon Spillett Simon Spillett- 'Kindness', getting to know Tony & his personality Simon Spillett- Playing with Tony Simon Spillett- Talks about TCB album Music- Skidmore One on One Alan- re-announcing Simon Spillett Simon Spillett- on free Jazz, working with Paul Dunmall Simon Spillett- On Tony's health Alan- Programme details, 'reminisce' of Tony Levin Music- California Here I Come (Gordon Beck Trio) Alan- back announcing track. Alan & TIm discuss Appleby, Music- Journey Alan- back announces Journey. Alan & Tim discuss   Part 5: Music- Bull Dance Alan- Welcome back (2nd hour), back announces 'Labyrinth'. Alan & Tim discuss. Music- Pause Alan- back announces track. Alan & Tim discuss, intro into Shadows Music- Shadows Alan- back announces track. Alan & Tim discuss track   Part 6: Tony Dudley-Evans. First met Tony. Alan intro into Tony about Mujician Tony Levin- Talks about Mujician Alan- intro into Paul Dunmall Paul Dunmall- talks about Tony (the man) Paul & Alan talk about Tony (interview esq) on swinging Paul Dunmall on Mujician Music- The Hands are Just Shadows Alan- back announces Mujician. Alan & Tim discuss   Part 7: Alan- back announces programme details Music- Dunmall Wind Alan & Tim discuss   Part 8: Music- Footloose Alan- back announces track, intro into Ray Warleigh Ray Warleigh - talks about Tony Alan & Tim discuss Tony, his health & death, his legacy Music- A Flower is a Lovesome Thing