Deep Joy Trio – Deep Joy Trio (2005)

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Deep Joy Trio – Deep Joy Trio (DUNS, 2005)

Disc A:

  1. Don’t Look Down
  2. One More Ledge To Overcome
  3. Music For Well Being
  4. T.L
  5. What Have You Seen Yourself?

Disc B:

  1. We Care About This
  2. For You, Us and Them

Disc C:

  1. The Big Giving
  2. Deep Joy
  3. The Eyes Have It

Disc D:

  1. The Juggler
  2. One Lifetime’s Work
  3. Music For the Buddha
  4. How Precious It Is
  5. Courage Friends Courage


Paul Rogers7-String Double Bass

Paul Dunmall – Bagpipes and Sax

Tony Levin – Drums