Category: Trevor Watts

  • Elton Dean’s Unlimited Saxophone Company (1989)

    Elton Dean’s – Unlimited Saxophone Company (1989, Ogun) Unda Rising Seven for Lee Small Strides Fall in Free One Three Nine Elton Dean – Alto Saxophone, Saxello Paul Dunmall – Tenor and Baritone Saxophones Simon Picard – Tenor Saxophone Trevor Watts – Alto Saxophone Paul Rogers – Double Bass Tony Levin – Drums

  • Elton Dean – The Vortex Tapes (1990)

    Elton Dean – The Vortex Tapes (1990, 1992, SLAM CD) Second Thoughts First Impressions Going Fourth Third Time Lucky Taking the Fifth Credits: Elton Dean – Alto Sax Trevor Watts – Alto Sax Simon Picard – Tenor Sax Jerry Underwood – Baritone Sax Paul Rogers – Double Bass Tony Levin – Drums (On First Impressions) Recorded at…