Category: Charlie Mariano

  • European Jazz Ensemble – 25th Anniversary Tour (1992)

    European Jazz Ensemble – 25th Anniversary Tour (1992, Konnex) Brother Joe Fellini Green Table Speech Traveller Bötz Salinas & Missing a Page Three in One Credits: (18 musicians from 10 European countries including: Joachim Kühn, Paolo Fresu, Alan Skidmore, Daniel Humair & Charlie Mariano)

  • Ali Haurand & Friends – Ballads (2005)

    Ali Haurand & Friends – Ballads (2005, Konnex) The Peacocks Everytime We Say Goodbye Round About Midnight Tuesday’s Death My Foolish Heart Soul Eyes Moods Ballad for W.L Say It (Over and Over Again) Drama Drome Bazalicka Credits: Charile Mariano – Alto Sax Gerd Dudek – Saxaphone Jiri Stivin – Flutes and Sax Alan Skidmore –…

  • European Jazz Ensemble – 30th Anniversary (2006)

    European Jazz Ensemble – 30th Anniversary (Konnex, 2006) No More Chaines Ballad for W.L. Ali’s Source & Ali’s Waltz Movements Liptricks Riff Canto General Credits: Charlie Mariano – Altosax Stan Sulzmann – Saxophone Alan Skidmore – Saxophone Gerd Dudek – Saxophone Jiri Stivin – Flutes & Sax Pino Minafra – Trumpet Manfred Schoof – Trumpet &…