The Quartet- Live in Prague (1992)

Cover Not Avalible

The Quartet – Live in Prague (1992, P&J Records)


Gerd Dudek – Tenor, Soprano Sax

Rob van den Broeck – Piano

Ali Haurand – Bass

Tony Levin – Drums

European Trumpet Summit – European Trumpet Summit (1994)

Cover Not Available

European Trumpet Summit – European Trumpet Summit (1994, Konnex)

Blaublusen Cobra Brother Joe Anna Sophia Pulque Interaction


Enrico Rava – Trumpet

Allan Botschinsky – Trumpet

Jarmo Hoogendijk – Trumpet

Manfred Schiek – Producer

Thomas Heberer – Trumpet

Ali Haurand – Bass

Rob van der Broeck – Piano

Tony Levin – Drums

Gerd Dudek – Crossing Level (1997)

Gerd Dudek – Crossing Level (1997, Konnex)

Old Folks Don Cherry Wishing Well Expressions Wave (Intro) /The Meaning of the Blues String Thing No More Chains Melancholia You Don’t Know What Love Is


Gerd Dudek

Rob Van Den Broeck

Ali Haurand

Tony Levin

Ali Haurand & Friends – Ballads (2005)


Ali Haurand & Friends – Ballads (2005, Konnex)

The Peacocks Everytime We Say Goodbye Round About Midnight Tuesday’s Death My Foolish Heart Soul Eyes Moods Ballad for W.L Say It (Over and Over Again) Drama Drome Bazalicka


Charile Mariano – Alto Sax

Gerd Dudek – Saxaphone

Jiri Stivin – Flutes and Sax


European Jazz Ensemble – 30th Anniversary (2006)

European Jazz Ensaemble

European Jazz Ensemble – 30th Anniversary (Konnex, 2006)

No More Chaines Ballad for W.L. Ali’s Source & Ali’s Waltz Movements Liptricks Riff Canto General


Charlie Mariano – Altosax

Stan Sulzmann – Saxophone

Alan Skidmore – Saxophone

Gerd Dudek – Saxophone

Jiri Stivin – Flutes & Sax

Pino Minafra – Trumpet

Manfred Schoof –