Category: 1992

  • Peter King Brother Bernard (1988)

    Peter King – Brother Bernard (1988) [CD in 1992] Yesterdays Final Curtain/One For Sir Bernard For All We Know But Beautiful Dalin Overjoyed Brother Bernard Credits: Peter King Guy Barker Alan Skidmore John Horler Dave Green Tony Levin Martin Drew

  • Elton Dean – The Vortex Tapes (1990)

    Elton Dean – The Vortex Tapes (1990, 1992, SLAM CD) Second Thoughts First Impressions Going Fourth Third Time Lucky Taking the Fifth Credits: Elton Dean – Alto Sax Trevor Watts – Alto Sax Simon Picard – Tenor Sax Jerry Underwood – Baritone Sax Paul Rogers – Double Bass Tony Levin – Drums (On First Impressions) Recorded at…

  • European Jazz Ensemble – European Jazz Ensemble meets the Khan Family (1992)

    European Jazz Ensemble – European Jazz Ensemble meets the Khan Family (1992, MA Music) Credits: feat: Joachim Kühn, Philip Catherine, Ustad Munir Khan

  • European Jazz Ensemble – 25th Anniversary Tour (1992)

    European Jazz Ensemble – 25th Anniversary Tour (1992, Konnex) Brother Joe Fellini Green Table Speech Traveller Bötz Salinas & Missing a Page Three in One Credits: (18 musicians from 10 European countries including: Joachim Kühn, Paolo Fresu, Alan Skidmore, Daniel Humair & Charlie Mariano)

  • The Quartet- Live in Prague (1992)

    The Quartet – Live in Prague (1992, P&J Records) Credits: Gerd Dudek – Tenor, Soprano Sax Rob van den Broeck – Piano Ali Haurand – Bass Tony Levin – Drums