Stan Sulzmann

John Taylor – Pause, And Think Again (1971)

White Magic
And Think Again
Awakening / Eye To Eye
Interlude / Soft Winds


Kenny Wheeler

Stan Sulzmann

Chris Pyne

Chris Laurence

Tony Levin

John Taylor – Pause, And Think Again (1971)

Gordon Beck’s Gyroscope – One, Two, Three….Go! (1974, Jaguar Records)

Nice One
Variations/1st Version
Variations/2nd Version
One, Two, Three…Go!


Gordon Beck – Piano, Electric Piano
Tony Levin – Drums, Percussion
Ron Mathewson – Bass, Electric Bass
Frank Ricotti – Vibes, Percussion
Stan Sulzmann – Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute

All tracks recorded live on Capital Radio in London, England April 1974.

Only released

Gordon Beck’s Gyroscope – One, Two, Three….Go! (1974)

Stan Sulzmann – On Loan With Gratitude (1977, Mosaic Records)

A1   G.R.S.
A2   Anagram
B   On Loan With Gratitude (Parts 1, 2, 3)


Ron Mathewson – Bass, Bass Guitar
Tony Levin – Drums, Percussion
John Taylor – Keyboards, E.m.s. Synthi
Stan Sulzmann – Saxophones, Flutes

All compositions by Stan Sulzmann.
Recorded 8th April 1977 at BBC Kensington House,

Stan Sulzmann – On Loan With Gratitude (1977)

Kenny Wheeler – Dream Sequence (2003, PSI)

Until – Kenny Wheeler Quintet
Drum Sequence
Dream Sequence
Cousin Marie
Nonetheless – Kenny Wheeler Quintet
Flower Is a Lovesome Thing
Kind Folks


Ray Warleigh – Alto Saxophone & Flute

Stan Sulzmann – Tenor Saxophone

John Parricelli – Electric Guitar

Chris Laurence – Double Bass

Tony Levin – Drums

Recorded 1995–2003 at Gateway Studio

Kenny Wheeler – Dream Sequence (2003)
European Jazz Ensaemble

European Jazz Ensemble – 30th Anniversary (Konnex, 2006)

No More Chaines
Ballad for W.L.
Ali’s Source & Ali’s Waltz
Canto General


Charlie Mariano – Altosax

Stan Sulzmann – Saxophone

Alan Skidmore – Saxophone

Gerd Dudek – Saxophone

Jiri Stivin – Flutes & Sax

Pino Minafra – Trumpet

Manfred Schoof – Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Eric Vloeimans – Trumpet

Matthias Schriefl – Trumpet

Conny Bauer – Trombone

Rob van den Broeck – Piano


European Jazz Ensemble – 30th Anniversary (2006)