John Surman

Alan Skidmore Quintet – TCB (1970, Phillips)

A1   Jack Knife
A2   Lantern Wood
A3   One On One Off
B1   T.C.B.
B2   Walk In And Dance Out
B3   A.J.
B4   And Think Again


Alan Skidmore – Tenor Saxophone

Mike Osborne – Saxophone (tracks: B1-B4)

John Surman – Saxophone (tracks: B1-B4)

Malcolm Griffiths – Trombone

John Taylor – Piano

Chris Laurence –

Alan Skidmore Quintet – TCB (1970)

John Surman and Tony Levin – Live at Moers Festival (1975, Moers)

A1   Element Of Surprise
A2   Resulting Confusion
A3   A Solution Found
B1   Journey In Hope
B2   Speedy Preparation
B3   A Little German Clap And You Have It

(Moers Music momu 01006)

John Surman and Tony Levin – Live at Moers Festival (1975)